Penile Implant can cost, still Penile Implant Surgery may be an Answer

Penile Implants for Men

There are three types of penile implants. Out of the three the semi rigid rods are the simplest. These consist of flexible rods that are implanted in the penis. This means a penis that is always erect but bent down. At the time of intercourse it straightens out but in its normal state may be difficult to hide under your clothes. The other two types, multi-component and self contained inflatable devices, have three components comprising of a pump, fluid reservoir and inflatable cylinders. In the multi component implant the cylinders are placed in the penis and the pump into the scrotum. You need to squeeze the pump in the scrotum for the cylinders to fill, which leads to an erection. The erection is ended by releasing a valve. Self contained inflatable pumps have all these components in one part and erection is obtained by squeezing the head of the penis and released by bending it. There is a risk of infection and the device may also malfunction at times.

A penile implant is placed through a surgical procedure. When it was first introduced the risk of infection was greater. With passage of time new materials as well as designs have been developed, which are relatively safer and reduce the risk. Although new surgical procedures have also been developed, as with all mechanical devices the risk of the device not functioning is always present. The option of getting a penile implant should be considered in the event other methods of treating erectile dysfunction do not work with you. Implants are also used to treat cases of bent penis during erection.

Penile implant cost includes the cost of the device, medical procedures and after care and could be anything above $15,000/- While most insurance plans cover the cost of implantation the cost of treating an infected penile prosthesis may exceed the cost of the device. However, there are procedures through which infection can be avoided. These include a surgical bubble system to prevent access of bacteria and other pathogens to the device. Besides infection there is also a risk of perforation in the area where the device is placed.

There are also risks of penile curvature, spontaneous inflation or deflation. In some cases complications can be disastrous. It is crucial implant surgery is performed only by a qualified and experienced surgeon who is conversant with the procedures involved due to the risks involved. It is important to understand that penile implant surgery is an irreversible process and should be considered only as a last resort.

Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most important aspect of penile prosthesis is to determine the right length and diameter that will fit in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Other precautions include avoidance of proximal perforation and attention to detail to avoid infection. Considering all these aspects, selection of an experienced surgeon for penile implants is of extreme importance.

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